Building Rural Aspirations In Neuroscience with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

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Sparking interest in health careers

SEPA and NIH initiative to inspire a new generation of health care professionals.


Cutting edge brain science curricula

Explore the neuroscience of addiction and concussion in summer camps and afterschool programs.


Inclusive and accessible educational materials

Expanding educational horizons with universally designed, inclusive coursework

Sparking interest in

STEM and the health sciences

Clarkson University’s Institute for STEM Education and Lewis School of Health Sciences are developing the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Summer camps:
students learn about the effects of drug use and addiction on the human brain through lab activities, working with health care professionals, and studying brain science.
Afterschool programs:
Students collaborate on authentic solutions to health-related problems, develop academic skills, take field trips, and interact with a wide range of healthcare professionals.
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Cutting Edge

Brain science research

In the module on the neuroscience of drug use and addiction, students will explore the key areas underlying drug use and addiction.

Main theories of addiction:
pleasure, withdrawal avoidance, and the incentive sensitization theories, plus addiction treatment approaches and theoretical implications.
Psychological, social and biological
reasons people use drugs, plus information about the incidence of drug use and substance use disorders.
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Online accessible

Educational curricula

Providing resources and lesson plans for teachers anywhere, our curriculum is aligned with next generation science standards and modularized for flexibility.

Empowering teachers and students worldwide
with drop-in modularized educational content and cutting-edge, interactive science lessons.
Accessible, multimedia materials
engage students with different learning styles and exceed state and national standards.
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